Sales and installation drinking water production system

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Sales and installation drinking water production system

Producing drinking water, OZONE water filtration system and UV fiber filter tank. bottled water production system semi-automatic and automatic filling machine, cup water, bottled water, 18.9 liter bottle and tank filling machine, tank and water washing machine, complete system

Sell ​​water purifier Aqua Tech (AQUATEK) water filter RO system. Ozone water purifier for disinfection, UV, UF water filtration system, 1 stage water filter, 3 steps, 4 steps, 5 steps Roi Et has installation services.

underground water filter with manganese fiberglass filter tank Activated Carbon, Resin Filter, Color Treatment, Odor Treatment, Sludge Treatment, Suspended Agent, Rust Solution water supply system industrial water filtration system Industrial water system in Roi Et
Selling tap chemicals, water system chemicals, water chlorine, powdered chlorine, water filters, water filters
Sales, installation and service tube ice machine ice cube maker, ice cube maker
Fiber filter tank, water filter media, filter media, resin, carbon, manganese, anthracite, resin washing salt.
Sell ​​spare parts, filters, water purifiers, all systems, RO filters, PP coarse filters, ceramic filters, membrane filters (Membrane), resin water filters, CTO carbon block filters, GAC carbon filter cartridges, Micro MF water filter, UF water filter UV 6, fiber filter tank

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